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Krüger & Kazan Sŕrl - Consulting & Architecture

The company

Krueger & Kazan Sàrl was created in 2004 as an independent architecture and consulting company, working mainly in the field of work environment. We focus on counseling general service contractors who are merging, setting up in a location, relocating or restructuring: we provide them with a methodical and practical approach to optimizing and improving productivity.

The setting

The shift from industrial economies to knowledge-based economies has reinforced the role of the employee, who becomes the key to the success of a company. Putting value on the employee thus becomes a strategic goal.

Several serious studies show that the work environment in general, is cited by employees as one of the three main criteria for liking a company. It plays a key role in employee motivation and productivity.

For this reason, managing corporate change has become increasingly complex. The company must respond to a growing number of demands and obligations such as flexibility, technology, esthetics, comfort, economy and ecology.

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